Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hernando Beach

As promised, I will update you on our lives.
Last year, if yout might remember, we decided to spend a week in Florida to see if we really liked it as much as we thought we remembered. Well, we did. We did not mind the heat or the bugs. (we came in July so as to have the full effect of both :) When we got home we put the house on the market.
Anyone who knows real estate will know that the market is depressed most anywhere you look. State College was not exception. Our house went on the market for a good $100,000 less than what we had been told it was worth a few years before. Still, even at the reduced price it was hardly seen.
Knowing that we really needed/wanted to leave we decided to put it up for rent. Fortunately, in our area (a college town) it rented quickly. I had a crash course learning how to remotely control the computer and phones in the office and put everything scanned onto the computer. We devised all new systems and with the help of my fantasic employees, I was able to work remotely. I love the day and age we live in. 10 years ago this would not have been possible.
Meanwhile Marsh had had his eye on rentals down here in Hernando Beach. He found one in April that sounded too good to be true. A canal house just off the gulf. It would be small but we wanted to see it. We flew down (missing a dear friends' wedding) and scooped it up. I walked into the place and almost pleaded with the realator to let us live here. I almost thought that it had to be some sort of scam (posted on Craigs list, not really sure who the owner was, etc) but we got here and "Too good to be True" became reality.
Every night I walk across the street and breathe in the Gulf air as I watch the sun set. Most night I have my husband at my side. Some nights we persuade the boys to come with us with all their noise and laughter.
Bad parts of being here? The only bad part is not being able to bring my friends from State College. I miss them. Dearly.
Good parts?
- I look out my window and see palm trees.
- The smell of the Gulf heals my heart.
- I get to have both a vacation place and a place of work. Anytime I go on vacation I am always ready to get home and do something productive. Here I have that AND watch the sun set each night. This has been the best thing!
- The sky is so very big. I actually feel like God is closer somehow. I know that is crazy but I have felt like my prayers might really be being heard.
- Did I mention the smell. My kids think I'm crazy. But it really does something to me.
- I can go into any store in town and not be braced to see someone who won't speak to me or look at me. That has been such a freeing feeling.
Marshall stopped by a church the other day. A storefront with a sign. As he looked at it a guy in a van that said it serviced pools stopped by to say hi. Turned out he was the pastor although grudgingly it seemed. Said he never wanted to be the pastor but the old pastor died and so he "got elected" The more he and Marsh talked the funnier it got. Seems it might be something we want to explore at least. Who knows.
Anyway, Who knows. We are here and we love it.

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Sad Picture

So much has happened. I'll spend some time at my computer and update anyone who is still plugged in here. Short version, we have moved.

The group we belonged to has moved out of the building we loved and prayed over. There were so many prophetic words over this place.

No one to line up around the block to see what God was doing.
No one to have their lives radically changed in the building
No great influx of money which would enable us to buy the building.
No great tidal wave of God's glory sweeping down the street.
No great movement of the Holy Spirit.
No great revival of the town or the University.

Now the building just sells pizza and rugs.

It is sad. Heartbreaking really.