Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tempted into doing what we’ve always wanted to do - From Abmo

Some days I post something and then after it is already up I read something that someone else has written and I want to say, "WAIT!! Don't read mine today - Read this instead."

Yesterday was one of those days. Please go over to Abmo at Windblown Hope and read what he has to say about a question I asked in my post of Prophetic Words - The Shaking Continues the other day. He takes the temptation of Jesus and shows how we still are tempted to do the very same things in our lives as we try and build an expression of the Kingdom of God here on earth with our own hands. I think it truly, is brilliant.

So today, if you would, please read here.

And if you can, please also read the comments from that post. I think those that comment have so much to add to the discussion that I often am tempted to give them their own post so you all can see what they wrote and added.

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