Tuesday, November 11, 2008



They are written,
They are spoken,

We listen,
We question,
We discern,
We pray
We weep
We long.

Which are yours, Oh God
How do we tell?

I only know this.

There is a place in you where I don’t need to have words.
There is a place in you where I don’t need to hear words.
There is a place in you where I don't need to speak words.

That place is deep.
That place is quiet.
That place is dark.
That place is safe and full of peace.

I can feel only you.
I may not know much
But in you I hide.
Protect me there.


They are written,
They are spoken.

I long for the day that I hear you.


Anonymous said...

knock, knock.

Tyler Dawn said...

Amen, that is the worst part of the walk, not just being able to hear clearly, to have those audible conversations, the touches you can have with humans but not with the object of our greatest affection. There is so much more I want from this relationship, and I often cry.

getting there said...

jon, you amuse me :)

Barb, I hear you.. well written. I don't have more words than that...

Tera Rose said...

I used to believe that I heard from God...
Used to believe that other's heard from God...
and then they contradicted what they were hearing from God...
and loved ones built alters in their lives to serve those words from God....
and the words didn't always come to pass.

So the best that I can surmise...and this may change because I seem to "know" less and less each day...
is that the place you describe without words..
is probably in the midst of God's heart.

but I could be wrong; your poem however was beautiful and that I do know. :)

Barb said...

Jon, At first I thought I was to say, "Who's there?" Loved the story of the way God speaks even in traffic patterns.

Tyler Dawn, I can't wait till I san see and hear clearly. It was such a frustrating day listening to all the prophetic people spin and try to explain their prophecies of Obama being elected.

Getting there, Thanks but your words have been refreshing lately. Enjoy your day with your new car!!

Tera Rose, You put it beautifully. Thanks for understanding.

Tyler Dawn said...

yeah, that, I only know of maybe two or three who saw what actually did end up happening. The rest are talking about why God "allowed" them to be deceived.

Hey, news flash -- when you have a pre-set mindset about what God should want, then you are going to hear it, just about every time. It's the difference between an unbidden word from God and something you get through divination, or forcing your way into the presence of the Holy Spirit.