Friday, November 11, 2011

Spiritual Abuse Parallels

From Ron Bracken of the Centre Daily Times in State College:

"To answer that you have to understand the culture that has prevailed for at least as long as Paterno was in charge of the football program. It was, right up until he was removed from his position Wednesday night, a climate of Kremlin-like secrecy, of tightly-controlled access, of rule by dynamic terror. It was understood that if you wanted to be around his program in a professional aspect, you did so at his pleasure and by his rules."

Do you see the parallels?

Climate of secrecy
Tightly controlled access
Rule by dynamic terror
If you want to be a part in any aspect it is at their pleasure and by their rules.

Whether a university, church or even a family, abuse is bound to happen when these things are present. Just change the names and you have it.


Jeannette Altes said...

Exactly right.

Barb said...

So good to meet you Jeannette! loved catching up on your blog. In so many ways you are what I am talking about in my next post about the "Flock"

Jeannette Altes said...

:-) Thanks!