Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Good Questions for the Journey

I have added another blog to my reader - Windblown Hope. (In fact in the next few days I'm going to expand my sidebar blog roll to list all (or almost all) that I keep up with.)

I appreciated reading someone who is farther out (6 years I think) on this journey away from the traditional church than I. I had left a comment on his post the other day (One for the Leavers) to ask him what lies in store for us. What does this path look like 6 or more years from now. In an email to me he wisely stated:

"It is unfortunate that I cannot "show" you how we live or what we do. On the other side it is fortunate that I cannot "show" you. This is a struggle that is meant for you alone. Like Jacob (Gen 32:24) it is a wrestle with God in the dark."

He goes on to say though that he can give me "hints" to begin to sort out the way. I may refer to these questions in other posts but the one that blew me away for the past week was his question #2:

If you were the only person on this planet, what would your relationship with Jesus look like? What would you "do" for Him? Could you do anything for Him? What does your relationship with Him look like?

I instantly thought about the only man who was the only person on the planet - Adam - and what his relationship with God would have looked like.

It would have involved spending time with God - as in their walks in the garden. Conversations, being with each other, talking about what Adam saw and was doing - all of these come to mind. Maybe in their talks, Adams loneliness was made evident and produced an Eve. Maybe my conversations with God will let him know what I need instead of the checklist I used to bring. I've been wondering how to "pray" now. Maybe this is what I am looking for.

What would I do? This one was exciting to answer in that it was so simple and yet profound. I would do what we talked about. Adam did not give God his 5 year plan. God did not ask for it. They just talked about whatever and Adam did the mundane of taking care of the garden - or just living in it. He did not need to build anything to impress God. Therefore, my doing needs to be born out of our being together - not the other way around.

And then, what does my relationship with God look like. I'm afraid in the past it was heavy on the 'doing' side and light on the 'being' side. Heavy on the action, light on the conversation. I was like those moms who are so busy doing for their kids that they never look at them in the eyes. And yes, I tend to be that kind of a mom too.

Anyway, how would you answer those questions, and do they stretch you at all?

Thanks Windblown Hope, I'll keep reading and thinking.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you've had conversation with him. He and I email a little, and him and his wife pray for me, also.
They are part of the network that helps me walk out this life...God has been incredible inventive on how He's put this all together.

I showed my mom your blog, especially the articles on the boat.
She laughed and cried...she loved them.
Thanks for your honesty and vulnerablility.

Sarah said...

I like those questions a lot. That's what I keep coming back to as well. It's Him that I need. Not what I do for Him, not any of the substitutes that I am tempted to turn toward to make up for the lack of Him in my life. Thanks for the post, I'll check out the blog you mention.

Barb said...

che, do you live close or is this a cyber relationship. It is amazing how people get connected.

Sarah, I lost you for a while, you must have changed addresses. I know I have said it is Jesus I need but what that looks like in real life instead of worship words is something totally different.

Anonymous said...

We don't live close.
I'm Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada.
Abmo is South Africa, I believe.
He emailed me shortly after I started blogging and keeps up with an email now and then, giving encouragement. He has been a blessing.

Tracy Simmons said...

Windblown Hope looks great, but I cannot seem to find where I can subscribe to his feed. Is it really obvious and I'm just missing it?


Barb said...

Ellie, I just copied his address and put it into my google feeder. I'm new at this so have never done it the other way. I haven't gotten a new post yet as I just did it yesterday so don't know if my way works at all either.

Any computer geeks out there that can answer?

And if you are a computer geek there is a brilliantly funny BBC comedy that you can get on Youtube called "The IT Crowd" check it out.

Tracy Simmons said...

I had no idea I could do that. Just tried it and it worked great. THANKS!



jul said...

Great great thought, about what Adam's relationship would have looked like before anyone else existed...we're always so busy trying to figure out what 'expects' from us but he just wants to have a real relationship with us, he's saying sit down already! Let's spend some time together.