Tuesday, December 4, 2007

WWJDWTC – The Samaritan Story Retold

Sunday night Husband and I were asked to attend an Aids Benefit Dinner in our town. They are a group of people who have formed a way to help people who actively have the aids virus here. We jumped at the chance. It was so fun to be in a group of people, eating good food and laughing with some newly formed friends (thanks to Best Friend).

I never expected to encounter a story from Jesus lips though….

During the presentation of the evening, there was an interview done of a woman in our town who had become infected with the aids virus (her identity had been shielded). They wanted her to tell her story because she was not gay and had not been an intravenous drug user. It was clear that her life had been hard and was probably not exemplarily but she also was not the norm in the spread of aids.

What was interesting though was as she talked, I kept thinking that I had heard her story somewhere else….

She had gotten very sick - so sick that she was almost dead. A friend had encouraged her to be checked for Aids and then her life really started falling apart. People started going around her. They ignored her pleas for help. They fired her from her job. They refused to let her live with them. She was desperate and left for dead. Then this organization stepped in. They got her medical attention. They paid for all her bills. They found her a place to stay. They stayed in relationship with her when everyone else left. She is alive today because of this band of people here in my town. This band of people does not go by a name that we Christians would recognize….they are gay or lesbian or politically to the left. Most of them have not been in a church for years if ever. But they had stopped and helped this woman.

I wonder if any Priests or Levites passed her by. I wonder if she even knew any of us. I wonder if I ever knew her.

Mostly I wonder if Jesus was talking about her and I didn’t understand or care or listen.

Wait a minute Jesus, what was the name of that Samaritan group?


Anonymous said...

Her story breaks my heart.
This is one of the big reasons I get so frustrated with church and christians...with myself in those contexts.
I used to be so afraid of what it would look like to be around someone who is gay, or lesbian, or an addict or alcoholic.
Now, it just doesn't matter.
I don't want to be forever naval-gazing...but look up and see who is around me...who I can walk with.
Good post..I'm glad you jumped at the opportunity to go to this gathering...

karen said...

Found you through Mike's blog.

What an incredible story. Thank you...

Barb said...

Karen, you are so welcome. And thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a very interesting/powerful story....being in touch with Wayne Jacobsen's resources.... have you ever heard of

www.newjerusalemmissions.com ?

peace and good,

rag tag hoper

Barb said...

Thanks Todd, And no I had not heard of the group. Will look around a bit today though, Thanks.

Anonymous said...

amazing. i'm so glad that they got to her in time and were able to help her.
will be good to see you in a few short weeks! :)