Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Peace Be Still/Steel

Only those in the "charismania" streams will appreciate this video. While it is a bit over the top, the jumps in biblical logic are not unlike those we saw in so many of our services. Click here. to enjoy/endure. Ht: Paul Grabill

Warning: Those with Post Charismatic Stress Syndrome (PCSS**) may want to wait a few more months before watching this video. :) May cause depression in those who have previously participated. May cause extreme agitation in those who did not stand up to say something. May also cause uncontrollable laughter in those who can now see it all as ridiculous. Be forewarned, if you are presently in a 'church' that practices this you may have a strange impulse to defend it.

**No, you may not copy this!

Well, ok, I guess you can, but you have to give me credit. (Unless I stole it from you)


Erin said...

Oh Barb, that was hilarious! Thanks!

Elizabeth said...

haha! That was funny, though slightly disturbing at the same time... maybe i still have a bit of PCSS left to recover from :P

Anonymous said...
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Tyler Dawn said...

Oh my -- I didn't see it was a Medea video at first, I thought it was serious. I'm going, "that looks like a man!" Once I figured it out, shortly before the gun, I had myself a great time.