Friday, October 16, 2009

To My Friends Online

It may be a phase that I am going through but I notice something different in me as I skim through my bloglist.

I'm more interested in HOW you are than in WHAT you think about a subject.

I pause to read personal stuff. I skim over anything else, ........ basically uninterested. Something has shifted in me this summer. Suddenly the subjects we are talking about no longer interest me. Suddenly they are not important. YOU are. They are not as much.

I want personal details. How are YOU? Your Family? Your finances? What are you doing now? And, how are you feeling about that?

Maybe it is my bent lately to have community. Maybe it is my lack of caring about the topic of Church, Christianity, abuse or anything else.

Course, if you write anything humorous ..... I'm there!

Anyone else with me?

If you want to humor me, take your blog and write how you are doing right now in your lives with the God we love and the people with you. Or leave a comment here.

Of course you can always just post the best comedy thing that has made you laugh lately :)


abmo said...

Hi Barb, it's relatively the same with me. I think that's why I nearly stopped blogging. A lot of people say the stuff I once felt was neccessary to say and they are way better at it than I am. Unfortunately, I consider my life a bit boring and I'm not used talking about myself a lot. But I'll try :)

Thanks for being a friend.

Rich said...

Yeah Barb,

Thanks for the invite re: "How are You."
Wonderful the seasons of the soul we all are passing through and experiencing, I love it all!

I'll have to post something on one of my blogs to entertain (amuse) those who are bored with so much other stuff. :)

traveller said...

Hmmm, it seems that is a lot like Jesus......

Cynthia said...

Hi Barb,

your question inspired me. I have posted on my own blog , how am I?. Be sure to read the interruption that occurred while I was writing.

It's been a long time since i have engaged with conversation with anyone on blog comments, discussion boards,etc. I think mainly because I got tired of trying to write about what I believe, what I think. You have given me some room to think differently about how I can write and respond to others, with just conveying my story, how I am.


Fred Shope said...

Right now, I'm trying to be a comfort to my wife Jan as we await her mom's transition to the next life. She will probably die this week after a long, slow decline.

Other than that, I'm involved in a new church plant. We're meeting in a bagel shop on Sun. mornings. So far things are going well.

Our daughter Jennie is in LA working for a visual effects studio, and our son Josh is in his last year earning a master's degree in architecture.

Ups and downs, like most folks.

Barb said...

Thanks all! Cynthia I tried to leave a comment on your blog but it would not let me. Sorry for you hospital trip

Rich said...


You can read what I wrote here, How Are You? Fine Thank You! In response to your questions.

Wayward Son said...

I'm a little late to the party, ya go.

Fred Shope said...

Barb, I just posted a more complete account of what's going on in my life here:

Ellyn said...

Barb - this is a very cool point in your journey - so wonderful - I have enjoyed seeing you grow and transform as I read your blog from start to now... We are to be in relationship with others that is what we are here for and I am enjoying this new found relationship with you.


One of my blogs can be found -

Barb said...

Thanks Ellyn. You can really get to know a person as you read what they write. I don't write much anymore. That is both good and bad I think. :)

I will check out your blog. Thanks!

Ellyn said...

My Kinder Blog was very active for a time but I too do not write there much anymore. I do hope that you continue to write though - do you have another blog with a different focus?