Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Being Martha

If you found this webblog and are interested in reading about those of us who are "coming out" of unhealthy churches I want to point you to a woman who is also blogging about this.

Please read Being Martha. She is writing candidly about her situation and I think will have great stories to come.

It still amazes me to have other people in other churches have basically the same experiences. They say the same words and phrases and seem to have suffered the same hurt. I don't think they are repeating what someone else has said though. I think it is really real. That is what makes it amazing to me.

Our next step will be to find the grace to live in this new place. Grace to give our CLB's. Grace to give our own former leaders. Grace to find a way to raise our children as we try to figure out what to do now.

Grace, grace, grace.

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Martha said...

Thank you for your encouragement. This is a daunting task for me, which explains why my posts seem to be so few and far between! I feel a responsibility to "get it right." I don't want to throw anything out there that might be in the least bit harmful to anyone who might read it. In sorting out my own feelings, maybe it can help someone else.