Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Hmm…..7 random facts about myself. This would be easy except that I am trying to blog anonymously and therefore I need to write 7 random facts about myself that not even my closest (or former closest) friends would not know. So I will try. Thanks for the tag Erin.

1. I am not a pack rat. In fact I would absolutely purge my house of useless items if it were not for Husband. But….I can never get rid of those clothes that I never wear. They sit there, hanging in my closet and taunting me with the fact that at least one item in my house that I actually have total control over, actually controls me. The ones that taunt me the most are those size 6 jeans. Damn them.

2. I cannot multi task. I can only hold one thing in my brain at a time. This is especially hard on my kids and Husband as they have to have my full attention or I just ignore them when they want something. I also miss huge parts of conversations around me if I am concentrating on something else.

3. I love coffee so much that if Juan Valdez showed up at my window (like in Bruce Almighty) I would ride away into the sunset on his mule and have little coffee baron babies with him.

4. I absolutely hate flavored coffees. People are always trying to make them for me and I am always so polite and force them down – but I HATE them and wish I could tell them to just make me black, strong, Colombian coffee. Why do they drink that stuff? Do they just keep it around to torture real coffee drinkers? It is abominable and does not make Juan happy either.

5. I had never read a blog till about 4 months ago.

6. Having my nails done is the one thing that I can do that makes me feel more confident in a social setting.

7. I never read email forwards. I mean never. I hate them. The only time I will read them is if a friend forwards one to me with a personal note.

I have no time today to figure out who has been tagged and who hasn’t. So if you read this blog, consider yourself tagged.

But only 5 of you. ;)

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Erin said...

Thanks for playing.

#2 I can't multi-task either, it drives my husband nuts, but I say I like to give things my full attention.

#7 - I'm with you. But I often go a step further, I check to see if the forwards are legit, and if they aren't (99%) I send a nasty e-mail back to the sender about wasting people's time. I know it's not the sender's fault, but if everyone would take a second to verify these things, we wouldn't all have to read them.