Wednesday, October 17, 2007

WWJDWTC - Lesson #2 My Eyes - His Eyes

Note: I think, from the decision that I made a few days ago, that my posts are going to get much more simple, more personal and maybe more often. I know a lot of you who read are interested in looking at the bigger picture of the church. I also know that you need to expedite your time that you spend on the blog pages. Therefore if you need to delete me from you reading and you no longer comment on my pages, please feel free to do this. I write mostly for myself and the few who resonate with my personal journey. If the direction that I am taking still interests you, please come along. But if you find yourself no longer connecting, please feel free to excuse yourself.


So as I was drinking my second cup of coffee this morning in a pause between the morning rush and the deciding what is for dinner and planning for the rest of my day, I looked outside my large picture window in the front room and paused. I breathed deep taking in the vibrant yellows and orange hues that are adorning a lovely old tree across the street. In that moment I paused and asked Papa what he was doing today and could I be a part. I distinctly heard in my spirit, “I’m enjoying the sight of that beautiful tree, Isn’t it stunning?”

Wait…..God is enjoying the sight of something I am looking at? In my enjoyment I can also sense His enjoyment? He is entering into my space in time here and interacting with me over a simple beautiful tree?

Now this may sound weird to you. But I let the thought run. Ok, if Papa could enjoy what I am looking at and if I could feel, somehow, his enjoyment, then could I also do the same when I looked at a person today? Could my enjoyment of them somehow mirror his enjoyment of them? Could I sense his delight? His excitement? His frustration? (Surely he gets frustrated too.) Could my compassion somehow tap into His compassion? Could I use my eyes today to see what He sees? Can my eyes become portals through which I can find out His heart toward people or situations? Is this what Jesus was doing when he said that he only did what he saw the Father doing? Maybe Jesus saw something, knew that the Father was seeing it also and then asked the Father what he was feeling about it (or just immediately sensed it) and what, if anything was to be done.

Maybe this is basic to you. Nothing, no thought, is new. But today, this thought blasted through my world and made me change my perspective. I like walking with Papa. Especially on a beautiful Fall day.
And, I can't wait to see my kids tonight.


Thoughts From Jeff said...

I am looking forward to your lessons.

Erin said...

What?! Quit reading?! Wouldn't dream of it.

I love this post...and I think you're very right.

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Erin said.

This post gave me chills -- in a very good way!

Barb said...

Thanks guys!

Linda said...

You are at your very best when you're being yourself.

My prayer everyday, and frequently throughout the day, is "Father, help me to see what you see."

Your posts always inspire and encourage me.

Barb said...

Thanks Grace,

I have lived as someone else for so long that it would be easy to let even this blog page define me in some way. So being myself is always a challenge.

As always,I appreciate you.

Anonymous said...

Am enjoying your last 2 posts very much. It speaks of an intimacy with God which the works driven church seems to have forgotton about.

Anonymous said...

I like the realness of your post.
The longer I walk with Papa, the less I want to examine 'the wreck'.
For me, it was not just the leaving the marriage was blasted apart as well.
And in the midst of the carnage, I met Papa.
I'm so glad you are discovering the wonder of this walk with Him.
You write about it so well, which helps me touch that wonder all over again.
Enjoy the journey....:)

Sue said...

Barb, this is great. I was thinking about this exact thing today, thinking that if we can see others through God's eyes then imagine how we could love those that we can't bring ourselves to love when it's just through our own eyes.

What a wonderful thought.