Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Comments Not Showing Up

Over the time that I have had this blog I have always posted anyone's comments that they have sent to me. It has come to my attention though that there are people commenting that I do not get the notification of their comment. Blogger must eat it up along with the missing socks in my dryer.


1) If you leave a comment and then don't see it, please try again. So far I have never -not posted - a comment that I have received. If this has happened to you - please don't be offended and quit saying anything.(I have changed the names of a close friend that leaves a link to his/her website but this is all I have the moderation on for.)
2) It seems that if you have a wordpress blog it seems that this is more common. Does anyone know why this is happening?
3) I have taken off the word verification step as a measure to see if this helps any
4) If you have any technical advice, I would appreciate it.
5) If for some reason you ever leave a comment and it does not come through, would you email me and let me know?



Anonymous said...

This comment got through? Hopefully? Good blog!


Erin said...

I don't know off the top of my head, but I wonder if the wordpress users are using their openID to login and for some reason those aren't getting through. Are you moderating via e-mail or the dashboard?

Let me do some checking and get back to you.

Barb said...

Thanks Erin, I am moderating through a hotmail account but have moderated through the blogger page also. Nothing there that does not show up on my hotmail notification.

Unknown said...

ive tried to leave a few comments, and they never went through. so yeah, i've had problems posting. if this goes through, you must have fixed the problem (at least for my computer).

Barb said...

Travis, never heard from you before. This one got through!! Yay. Maybe that fixed it. Thanks for trying again. If another does not get through, email me at formerleader (at) hotmail (dot) com