Monday, February 25, 2008

Two Links for Further Reading

In my exploration of the end time harvest and Dominion theology I happened by Len Hjalmarson's website and read this excellent article, "The Tabernacle of David and the Latter Rain: Hype or Hope?" In it, he explains some of the background of this doctrine that was very helpful to me. Explore around his site a bit as I found some really helpful articles.

The second one was published today at Fake Republic. It is a brilliant article on "A Stalemate in Theology. Brilliant Stuff. Please read it.

Again, it shows me my own heart. I went from one 'set of beliefs' straight into another in my life as a religious person . Both just as rigid. Both had all the answers. Both would not listen to the other's side in a matter. Both had theology - the whole gamut of it - nailed down. I loved that then.

The problem is that I probably still do and therefore need to guard my heart against it in the future. To protect myself and those that I talk to I need to stay in a place of "unsureness."

Now that sounds incredibly dangerous. I can hear Church Lady screaming! But then I like to hear her scream now. It does a body good on a gloomy Monday.

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