Thursday, September 18, 2008

Apostle Rat

To see the comic clearly simply click on it.


brad/futuristguy said...


But, hey - the rat said 'please.' That makes everything okay.

Heidi W said...


Barb said...

Brad, We all know Pig should have never asked. Rat was being kind. :(

Heidi, yep ouch. I felt like this once, only on the inside

Anonymous said...

Ha-ha-ha. From the "chair o'great authority"...Listen and obey, dammit!! If I wanted you to ask questions, I would have given them to you.

Barb said...

Abmo, Darin Hufford had a great blog post the other day about asking that one question that starts making everything fall in. You can read it here:

Bill Kinnon said...

This was so good I stole it. Forgive me. (But I did attribute it to you right off the top. Honest!)

Someone should make T-shirts with this on it and send it to the NAR types. C Pete probably would wear it as he wouldn't recognize the humor.

I can hear him saying, "exactly!"

Barb said...

Bill, to copy is to flatter!

Mr. Wagner and all have no idea that their words wound just as much as the brick that is thrown by Rat.

I'll buy the t-shirt!

brad/futuristguy said...

This cartoon is SOOOOO truthful, it's worth a double-portion comment.

It reminds me of the very early animated cartoon about Krazy Kat, who had an unrequited love for Ignatz the Mouse. When the Mouse felt pestered to the nth degree by K.K., he would always throw bricks and bonk Krazy on the head. The Kat would just sigh as the pumping-heart love icon showed up on the screen, and ever-so-dreamily exclaim, "Oh, Ignatz!! Lil Angel!!"

I think both cartoons illustrate the adage I've adapted (and adopted) that "manipulators and martyrs go together in matched pairs," only this comic strip is "leader and layed-out." Yup. Blame the victim; it's the standard operating procedure. But I'm curious - is this, like, some new Charisrattic revivalist technique of being "pained in the spirit"? Just askin' ... need to stay up with the latest, don't we ...?