Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Rescue Parade - New Additions

Each Sunday for a while I'm going to encourage you to visit this page and see the newest entries to the Rescue Parade. (13 so far today)

The things that people are writing are simply amazing, astounding and touching. When reading them you realize that your very soul is being nourished by their words.

It is an amazing thing to hear the Father's heart for you. To pen the words that you hear will change something deep in your heart.

I encourage you to add yours to the list. You can add them to Tracy's page here too. Even if you don't add one, subscribe to the comments so you can stay updated as other's are added.

Some have said that they are having a hard time because they are in the middle of their story with the Father. That is OK. It doesn't change how he feels about you right now.

I have a 8 year old little boy. I could write something about him right now - knowing that he is not now what he will be at 20 or 40. But that does not change my love for him right now.

Your Father is the same. If you entered eternity right now - this is what he would say over your loved, rescued life.....

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