Friday, June 1, 2007

My Heros

Wayne Jensen at is my hero!!I have never read anything like he has written before. His grace-filled message of God’s love and walking out of traditional church life is amazing. I could have never done this journey, walked this way, without his teachings. Yes, I would have walked out of our church. Yes, God would have been able to teach me if I only had Him. But Wayne has planted sign posts that give you hope as you walk out into what may seem heresy.

Read everything on his website. Order all his books or download them. I started with his short novel, “So You Don’t Want to Go to Church,” Watched his first videos, Read his book, "He Loves Me." He gives me so much hope and perspective. We can do this!!

I have other hero's too. They are listed on the side of this blog as websites and blogs that you must read. Emerging Grace and Heidi at Live with Desire are two women that I read every blog they have posted. I am amazed at how our stories are so alike. They have given me hope that if they can walk out of their CLB's and see the Father's healing then so can I.

Robbymac and his Detox articles were soooooo helpful.

I have tried to weed out the bitter websites. While these were good to read in some respects, they did not help me as much as these people.

I love Naked Pastor. Some day I will buy him a beer.

I'll add more as we go on.


Anonymous said...

Erin Word has left a new comment on your post "My Heros":

Be sure to check out Wayne jacobsen's God Journey podcasts...they have also helped many of us. Be sure to check out the archives, too.

Rob said...

aww, shucks...

you're making me blush. :)

Seriously, I am continually humbled and grateful that writing out my own detoxing from church journey has been a source of encouragement to other Journeymates.

Love your "People Formerly Known As..." addition!