Sunday, December 16, 2007

Worship- on an Icy Sunday Morning

For many, many Sunday mornings, as long and Husband and I have been married, we would wake up to our alarm clock ringing just a little later than our weekday wake up call, and he would roll over and say to me, “Let’s go worship!”

He loved to go and worship corporately. Where I was concerned with all that it took to “put it on,”( – making sure everyone was in their place and doing what our leader and his wife would have wanted – making sure that my kids were in their places and looking appropriately – making sure no “goofy” people were bothering the leaders – making sure the nursery and children’s departments were running smoothly – making sure that the few new people that wandered in were greeted appropriately – trying to be nice to all the people that I did not really have a relationship with – you get the idea) Husband would be up front far before the worship music actually started, meeting with God and loving on Him with all his heart. I did come in later usually to join him on the front row after all fires were put out and everyone was accounted for – but by then it was hard to center my mind and focus on Father when I was so concerned about what everyone else thought about me.

So this morning when I woke up the first thing that popped into my mind was the phrase, “Lets go worship God.”

As many of you who read my blog know, we are not attending any Sunday morning service. I have not been in corporate worship for over 6 months. I’m not even sure I could do it yet. So the question sets in my spirit today and I want to know what it means to be home today with my family and worship this wonderful Father whom I am just coming to really know for the first time.

So for a bit of "corporate cyber worship," here is what I am saying to Him in worship today.

Papa I am amazed by you. You are so good. You reveal yourself to me as you did to David when he said, “I will sing unto the Lord for he has dealt bountifully with me.”

I am so grateful that you are here with me and that you love me. I am so terribly grateful that you took ALL my shame and nailed it to the cross. In doing that, I no longer have to ‘DO” anything to please you or cause you to love me any more than you already do. All my works of service did nothing to alleviate the guilt and shame of my sin. All I had to do was realize that you did it completely, and it was done. I am whole. I am loved. I am totally accepted.

I am becoming to love even the broken parts in me that still remain because they show me how you love me completely. Your love is truly amazing. I worship you today. I bow my life before you. Even if I do no outwardly religious thing today, my heart will bow.

Today is yours. As we are together in this house I ask that you be among us and that you be honored in our laughter, our eating together, our play and our work.

Thanks Papa, I love you so much.

What are some of you saying or doing today in worship? Please leave it in the comments below or link it to your page. I would love to read what you are saying.


Robert said...

I attend a small congregation I run the power point slides which display the lyrics to the songs we sing as well as the notes to our pastors sermons we have a cross in the center that stands in the background of the platform I try to look and focus on God and Jesus often as the service happens telling Them how grateful i am and how I want to continue to see more and more of Their working in my life and all of our lives. I really appreciate the worship thoughts you shared He is a very good papa!!!!

Anonymous said...

I went to church today, Homechurch.
I was not looking forward to it.
But someone brought up worship.
My friend jumped in and asked that we would all share what we were thankful our worship.
I was not able to speak what I wanted to say...they would've been offended.
So I will say it here:
"thanks Father, that you meet me in the dark and barren places.
Thank you that you are light and warmth and life.
Thanks that you like me.
And Thanks for being the Dad I've always wanted...

Barb said...

Robert, thanks for commenting!
Che, I think all that you share that you allow us to read is worship. Thanks for your honesty. I hope you find a group that allows you to speak your heart.

Kelly Dueck said...

I, too, have been avoiding church lately. Which is ironic considering that we have so many friends who are pastors or church leaders and that we have been in full time ministry for what seems like forever.

Here's my worship:
Thanks Father, that you know. You see it all and you're not afraid or concerned. You just keep loving me and coming closer, even when I push you away.
Thanks that even when I want to storm against you, I know you'll still be there.
Thanks that you hold my kids, and their futures in your hands. Thanks that my future is there, too. That you are excited about the future, even when I have no strength or energy to care.
You are so good. So faithful.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how the more a seeker gets away from church the more they find who God really is and they love Him MORE!

Grace & Peace

brenda said...

you said, 'even if I do no outward religious thing today, my heart will bow.'

i couldn't agree more. i stopped attending about 2 1/2 years ago. i find the stages i have gone through very interesting. before i would have thought the place i'm in right now is downright rebellious. i've seen, though, that it is a place of absolute honesty before him.


Barb said...

Brenda, thanks for commenting. If you begin to write of your life, let me know. I kinda like absolute honesty nowdays!