Monday, June 27, 2011

A Sad Picture

So much has happened. I'll spend some time at my computer and update anyone who is still plugged in here. Short version, we have moved.

The group we belonged to has moved out of the building we loved and prayed over. There were so many prophetic words over this place.

No one to line up around the block to see what God was doing.
No one to have their lives radically changed in the building
No great influx of money which would enable us to buy the building.
No great tidal wave of God's glory sweeping down the street.
No great movement of the Holy Spirit.
No great revival of the town or the University.

Now the building just sells pizza and rugs.

It is sad. Heartbreaking really.


TheFavoredSon said...

The Kingdom we didn't realize we were building was far greater than the kingdom we were so intent on. Glad you guys are still in my life, and grateful for the things you've sown in my direction.

And yeah, this photo hurts.

Erin said...

Yes, those changed dreams ARE heartbreaking. Boy am I ever not where I thought I would be a few years ago. But then, sometimes I think the things we are moved on to are better, even if we can't see it in the short term.

abmo said...

Hi Barb, yes some of us are still here :-)

In my experience, prophetic words either comes from God or our desire to capture something good. We experience wonderful moments with God and friends and want them to last forever.

But as we all know, God does not live in buildings and cannot be contained. We live the christian life in the real world where we struggle for balance.

I look at that building and I love it. Good things happened there. For one, you were part of it and because of those experiences, your voice(blog) brought healing to lots of people all over the world. (Not really what the prophetic words predicted :-)

What the building shows us now is that we can be busy with God's things and still miss God. Love for each other is easily broken by religion. And that is sad and heartbreaking.

Corinthians tells us that prophecies will pass away. Hope, faith and love will remain.

I want to hear about the move and I'll pray that with the move Jesus will give you hope for the future, rock-steady faith in Him and love for those who still have to meet you :-)

Barb said...

Hi you all. thanks for commenting. I think it was just jaring to see the pic. Either the prophecies were wrong or somehow we all blew it. Sadly, I tend to doubt the prophecies.