Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home Run at Windblown Hope

I really don't have much to say right now.

I am immersed in some of Darin Hufford's blogs, podcasts and am reading his book, God's Honest Truth. Lots and lots to think about. Talk about Amazing Grace.... Have any of you read his stuff? What do you think? Is God really that good?

But in blogland please go and read this by Abmo at Windblown hope: God's Judgement. He bats one out of the park with this one.

(This metaphor out to those who watched the home run thingy on TV last night....I did...thanks to Husband.) ( I hope the guy who hit so many home runs (Josh Hamilton) and then lost the competition is not wondering why God did not let him win it.)


Tracy Simmons said...

Barb, I think you are my long lost twin sister and we were separated at birth!

I just posted the same link as you did to Windblown Hope! And I'm also immersed right now in Darin's stuff, which I adore. His level of honesty is so refreshing to me.

So, sister, it's nice to have found you at last :). You ARE 49 years old, right? ha!

Barb said...

I'll ask my mom about that!!

I saw that you had posted on it today when I checked my google reader. "W" comes afer "T" and so I read his immediately after seeing your link. You were right in giving it so much attention. It was truly amazing.

I just got through Darin's two chapters - one on patience and one on kindness and it has blown me away. I can't even write about it yet.

and no....52 years old. sigh. 49 was so young....;)

Tracy Simmons said...

Well, you'll be happy to know that I had you pegged at about 35 years old because you're so energetic in your posts. So, good thing you didn't post your picture or I wouldn't have thought you were so young :).

abmo said...

Hi Barb, thanks for the link. Personally I think Josh Hamilton should have won, because he hit the most home runs. Perhaps from now on we should have car races for 70 laps but the guy with the fastest last lap wins. Doesn't make sense to me.

Sue said...

I have just started reading this book again for the second time. There's a lot in there.

Is God really that good? Yes, he has to be, doesn't he? I really believe that and yet at the same time, while I've been reading it I've had this thought in my head, "Well, what about all those old testament verses?" It all comes down to the old testament verses for me :)

I LOVED the part where he was talking at the start about how our ideas of God in our heads can be very very different to our ideas of God in our hearts. His book really brings home to me why it is that sadly, Christians have found ourselves to be some of the most hateful critical people on earth.

But God. But God. But God. But God :)

KELLY said...

I have not read this book - but, appears that maybe I need to put it on my "to read" list!

To the question, "Is God really that good?" - Yes! But, my friend I were just talking about why we always act so surprised when God comes through for us....I mean, isn't that what He is all about? :) God loves to show off for His children.....in many ways!